What is SAUHMA?

SAUHMA is a voluntary association recognised as a Special Interest Group by the  Council of the South African Medical Association.

The Association works towards promoting the practice of underwater and hyperbaric medicine, and facilitate the study of all aspects of underwater and hyperbaric medicine.

The association is made up of members and associate members: Medical Practitioners; Registered Nurses; Registered Paramedics; Qualified Hyperbaric Chamber Operators; Diving Instructors; Dive Operators, and any other individual, who, to the satisfaction of the Council of the Association, provides evidence that he or she has a special interest in the subject of underwater and/or hyperbaric medicine; Subject to the By-Laws.

Hyperbaric Degree

The BScMedScHons (Hyperbaric Medicine) degree programme. This programme is presented over a 2-year period for part-time students and over a 1-year period for full-time students. Successful completion of the degree programme enables you to register hyperbaric medicine as an additional qualification with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). 

The entry requirement for the course is the MBChB (or equivalent) degree and meet the requirements set for entry into each specific module.  For the purposes of practical training the candidate also need to have a certificate of fitness for hyperbaric exposures.

The course consists of different modules, each of which you are able to do separately.  Some modules however require previous modules as entry level.